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[IP] UTIs (was Venting on ER's)

On 30 Oct 2000, at 13:05, email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi --if it is really a uti then drinking constntly should help and cranberry 
> juice is the best thing and lots of water. i know the juice will raise bs so 
> just watch that.  when i get uti's i can still pee it just hurts like he#*. 
> and there is this over the counter uti med that does work until u can get to 
> dr. it's by the feminine products in the stores actually there are 2 diff 
> brands i cant remember the name but its something obvious when u see it 
> you'll know whats its for.  hope this helps.

The ingredient to look for is "phenazopyridine hydrocloride" (aka 
pyridium).  The brand name I have right now is AZO "Urinary Pain 
Relief Tablets".


Caution:  This is an analgesic that helps calm the bladder spasms. 
 It MASKS the symptoms.  So don't use unless you're planning on 
getting antibiotic treatment ASAP.  It's hard on the liver.  Also, it 
turns your urine BRIGHT NEON ORANGE.  Women may want to 
wear old undies or a kotex in case there's any leakage, cuz this 
stuff stains   

Keep an eye out for kidney infection symptoms (another reason not 
to take for more than a day or two without being treated):


After treatment, 1/4 tsp of baking soda in a large amount of water  
once a day for a week can help allow the bladder to heal by cutting 
down on the acidity.  Extra fiber is needed because this can 
constipate.  (reference: You Don't Have To Live With Cystitis, by 
Larrian Gillespie, MD ISBN: 0380787792)

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