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[IP] Bone Density

Ok had to go to endo's last week to get a bone density test done, to see how
old I realllly was!  Truthfully, he wanted to see if osteoporosis was
setting in or if we needed to take any precautions.  Well. I have the bone
density of a 60 year old woman, and I am only 36 years old, so he kind of
scared the beejeepers out of me!  What does this actually mean, I asked him.
He says I am very much more prone to break a bone now.  So what am I
supposed to do, not move outta my computer chair and not go rake leaves and
play with my dogs and my hubby and all that junk thats considered life?
NOT!  Anyone have any not-too-technical suggestions for this?  I am and have
been taking calcium with Vitamin D, per Dr Hines orders, for about 3 months
anyway.  He also stated that he couldn't say it just came on, as he had
never done this test before, so I could have always been less dense.  (no
smart aleck comments needed now! <vbg>)
Thanks for any advice, and I will always remember, YMMV and MMDV.
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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