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[IP] kidney stones & protein in urine

I have a question for this wonderful knowledgable list.  First, I do not
have diabetes, my sweet baby Jessica does.  Now, 2 years ago I was rushed to
the ER by ambulance with a stuck kidney stone and blocked kidney.  Never had
a problem with my kidneys before.  Turns out, I had 17 stones in one kidney
and 8 in the other,  visible with ultrasound only as they were not made of
calcium therefore not visible on x-ray.  For the past 2 years now I have
passed them over and over, always in pain during the actual passing, but
fine otherwise.  For the last week, I have been aching again, and I use
urine test strips that measure everything including blood, protein and
luekocytes.  For about a week now I have had protein from trace to one +
showing up.  I also have the blood, but that is from the stone passing.  I
am waiting on my Dr. to call me back on this, but does anyone have any
advice?  Am I worrying needlessly, or is it possible the stone have done
some major damage to my kidneys?  I'm kinda scared at this point.  

Nita in Texas
Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 2 years & Jarred, 10

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