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[IP] Hiring Practices

 Bonnie Richardson [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I went to their HR supervisor and said, 
> I don't mind
> answering these questions, if you tell me how this effect the job I am
> applying for.  She told me that everone had to fill them out. 
>  I,  very
> professionally, reminded her that this was illegal.  

I believe they can ask these once they have decided to offer a position
contingent on passing the drug test, but not before. If the testing shows
illegal drug use, then they may retract the offer.  The other information
may go into a confidential file, and may be given to the group insurance for
their records, but may not be used as a basis for hiring.

Since it was eight years ago, I'm sure the time has passed for you to take
action, and since you don't desire to work for Boeing, it's moot.  But
anyone else applying should be aware and check that their hiring practices
have changed.

Jim Handsfield
mailto:email @ redacted OR

That was the point, Jim, they had not offered me a job yet and to ask the
questions, they had to show how the job would correlate to the questions.
They were just WAAAAY behind on being legal, sort of like Alabama in the
1960's.   I did have legal recourse, but since I had not kept the
application form, I felt it would be a waste of time.  The EEOC rep I talked
to said he would love to pursue it.   However, this is still a small town
and word would soon be out that I was trouble.......  

Today, as old as I am, I would pursue it, just like I ask all contractor's
we do business with to change the term (can you believe they are still using
it??) Workmen's Compensation, to Worker's Compensation, as designated by the
Federal Government, and I also request changing "manhours" to Labor Hours.
These are small things, but it takes baby steps...

I cause trouble when it a positive thing. 
Bonnie Richardson
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