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Re: [IP] How many carb for a unit insulin???

> Hi everybody!
> Can anyone help me out about among other things counting carb. In
> Sweden we do not use this sort of counting. I have got the list of
> 500 Rules and 1800 Rules and now is my question: Do I go after my
> total dose of insulin ( both basal and bolus total together) or
> after my basal ( only my total basal) ???? HELP! Marie
> email @ redacted

the 450, 1500, 1800 rules are ONLY used as starting points when no 
other information is available. A spot survey of Insulin Pumpers list 
members revealed that these estimating tools can produce results that 
are off by 50% or more for individual insulin users. The are intended 
as bench marks only and represent AVERAGES for a large group of 
people. The best thing to do is to carefully profile your insulin 
requirements, measure your ratios and only use HARD data to make 
adjustments to insulin needs. This is what your medical team should 
help you with. Absent that help, carefully read the material on 
measuring basal needs (aka profiling) in the book "Pumping Insulin" 
and/or the material in the HOWTO sections of the Insulin Pumpers web 
site. You really should have the assistance of a trained professional 
to help you and train you to manage this aspect of pumping. 

email @ redacted
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