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[IP] Amxiety

Yes, I do if I do not check my sugars at least 8 times a day. Not knowing
what my blood sugar is doing causes me to be anxious, weak, and tired and
sick because that's when my sugars will run high. The anxiety comes from
knowing if they are high I'm doing damage to myself and if my sugars are low
soon I will be falling out and feel bad for the rest of the day. Took me
years to learn I could not escape. I believe not testing is a form of
I agree, denial is a bad thing for all of us. I don't think anxiety is bad 
if it motivates you to do something but it will raise bgs and make you feel 
awful. If your sugars are high they do cause damage but not as quickly as 
you might think., worrying about them makes them higher and causes stress 
and strain on your other organs as well.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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