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[IP] Counting fat and protein

There was recently a discussion on the list abut Protein or fat raising
BG's, I always figured my carbs, have no idea how to figure fat or protein,
can anyone please give me some details on it, or refer me to an article that
explains it. Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
---------------------------------------------------------end of 
Protein contributes 1 calorie per gram to energy production by the body. 
Some people take insulin to compensate to the production of carbohydrate by 
protein in the body by way of gluconeogenesis a very inefficient and energy 
wasting process that strips away the nitrogenous portion of the protein 
leaving the carbohydrate portion. Fat does not produce carbohydrates. when 
fat is metabolized by the body to energy ketones are produced but no 
carbohydrates are produced. you do not need to count fat because although 1 
gram of fat produces 9 calories of energy it need not be counted. because 
it does not result in a carbohydrate intermediate product as does protein. 
unless your doctor or cde tells you otherwise do not count fat or proteins 
to be covered by insulin. When starving as in advanced diabetic ketosis, 
muscle tissue will be destroyed as an energy source, fat will be burned and 
ketones will be produced. If insulin becomes available along with carbs, 
ketones will disappear, protein loss will stop and metabolism will return 
to normal. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
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