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Re: [IP] Driving, Alcohol, Marijuana and Diabetes!

Please post this cave man politician's name and address so that we can send 
him a few letters.  I have spent the last two weeks caught in a myriad of 
disturbing phone calls and being driven to wait in line at the county and the 
state offices trying to clear my name for a citation for driving without a 
licence. My Endo didn't let me know she shortened the time period inbetween 
Driver Evaluations, which are required by the state.  The DMV cancelled my 
license without informing me. (3 years ago!)  I had moved out of state, got a 
license, then back to the state and hadn't received my new license yet and my 
number had been flagged. 
 I had the Dr.s letter sent in and I passed the written test. They sent the 
verification to the wrong address, an old one 2 moves ago.  I had to beg 3 
departments to send me something in writing so that I can drive my 3 
dependent children to doctors, dentists, school and get food for my 
family,etc.  I was told by the county clerk not to step foot behind the wheel 
if I didn't want to lose my license for longer.  The DMV said that I am 
cleared in their computer but the local police department wouldn't have it 
yet and they weren't sure when they would. (Then she told me to just "zip on 
over there and ask them to check it out on their system"--I reminded her I 
lost my "zipping" power)
 I have set a court date, had to wait a week and a half until the citation 
was in the county computer first, and it is 2 1/2 weeks from now.  I don't 
dare drive until I get something in writing to carry with me.  I wanted to 
share this all with you so that you will ask your Endos for a copy of the 
state form to carry in your glove compartment.  Check and double check that 
the forms have been sent in by the office administrator and then check that 
you have been "cleared" by the state for legal driving.
I didn't do anything wrong.  Someone on this site stated  that it is a 
"guilty until proven innocent" law and I agree.  When I used to live in Texas 
a Driver's class instructor there said that I could be arrested for a DUI if 
an officer realized that I took insulin and if he/she "thought" I seemed low. 
 This politician is surely heightening these misconceptions.  Let's let him 
know what a pain it (and he) is!
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