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[IP] pre carb counting

Susan asks 
>  starting to count carbs how did you figure your bolus for 
>  meals before? When I was dx in October of '99 this is the 
>  way I was taught to figure for my meals 

In the OLDEN days, we were given this thing called the Exchange diet.  Our 
DOCTORS decided what insulin we would take for a specific amount of food 
which was based on our needs, our weight, our activity level etc...  This 
made for a fairly strict diet and activity schedule..ie Breakfast was 2 bread 
exchanges, 1 milk exchange, 1 fat, 1 fruit and 1 and I protein  - that gave 
you two slices of toast with a tablespoon of butter split between them, 1/2 
cup oj, a scrambled egg and a glass of milk.  sure you could exchange the egg 
and butter for cottage cheese, or the toast for an english muffin, but 
basically that was it.  

The DOCTOR decided how much insulin was required for that much glucose and 
you took that insulin.  There was also a SICK DAY diet, when you couldn't EAT 
your regular diet, and an adjustment in your insulin.  You HAD to eat your 
snack at the prescribed time, as you had taken insulin to cover it already. 
Then you had another plan for those high activity days - which meant you had 
to PLAN those...no spontaneous bicycle rides!!I

There is also the sliding scale, which came along later, at least for me, in 
which you got to take a little control and base the amount of your regular 
insulin on your blood sugar, ie, if you needed to fix a high, youowuld take 
more before a meal.  But since I rarely tested before I went on the pump, I 
just went by how I FELT..."oh I just ate a bag of M&Ms...bettter take 15 
units of Regular" (which is more than the amount I take as basal now...god 
did I overinsulinate...)

Anyway....that is what many of us did.  SOme of us got creative.  My 
breakfast with the above exchanges was typically something like 12 vanilla 
wafers (2 bread exchanges) and a strawberry shake (1 cup milk, 1 egg, 1 cup 
strawberries, sugar twin), and my doctor would get mad at that...."not eating 
properly, etc." blah blah blah - HE gave me the exchanges...I was just going 
by what the "book" said equalled those exchanges!!!

so that is what we did, some of us, pre-carb counting

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