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[IP] Re-Anyone got a Precision Xtra

Hi Alecia!
I have got a Precision Xtra today but hav not got the strips yet, I have also the Precision QID and when it showes "error" I take out the strip and put it in again I think it should work on the Xtra to. Here is the manual about the ketons:
< 0,6 mmol/l           No measure
0,6 - 1,5 mmol/l      Chek both BG and keton in blood with 2-4 hours between. And take measure as   
                              you have been tought by your diabeticteam.
1,5 - 3 mmol/l        Risk for begining to ketoacidos. Consult your diabeticteam or ER.
> 3 mmol/l             Contact ER immediately. Risk for ketoacidos.


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