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[IP] Venting on ER's

I am sorry but I need to vent.  I spent the majority if my Sunday afternoon 
and night in the ER.  I almost wish I had not gone but the pain drove me 
there.  I took a nap yesterday early afternoon since I did not sleep much 
Saturday night.  I woke up having to pee real bad.  Help me......I can't pee 
and am in a lot of pain.  I take a hot shower to see if this will help.  No.  
I wait another hour or so and keep drinking water to try to help.  Nothing.  
So I asked my roommate to drive me to the ER since I am bent over double in 
pain.  She does.  First we have to pay $3 to park!!!  That sucks, but we find 
out we can get the $3 back after we visit the ER. OK.  So I am informed that 
the hospital no longer has fast track for people in my situation.  This 
sucks.  The lady at registration just did not understand how bad I felt when 
she told me it was going to be several hours!!!  I was shocked that I was 
131.  They are required to check you blood if you are diabetic.  Well, after 
sitting in pain for 4 hours in waiting room I am called back.    The first 
thing they tell me is to pee in a cup.  Gee, if I could do that I would not 
have a problem now would I.  The nurse looked at me like I was stupid when I 
told her I could not.  I guess she did not read about why I was there.  So I 
finally get a couple of drops in the cup and she say"Is that all you can give 
me?"  Demonic possession is coming out about this time along with a low b/c 
there is nothing open in the hospital to get anything to eat.  So I get some 
juice after about 15 minutes.  Then the doctor comes in.  He looks and me and 
says "You have ketones"  Why?  I was not aware that I had them.  He said they 
were moderate.  He did say that I did not have a UTI or anything.  There was 
no reason that I was not able to pee.  Then he asked me what time I had eaten 
last.  I told him the only time I had eaten was around 4 that afternoon.  He 
looks at me and says" Do you normally have to eat that often?"  WHAT!!!!!!!  
My roommate was ROTFL!!!  I looked at him like HE was the stupid one this 
time.  I asked him if he had a problem with me eating.  He said nothing.  So 
he sends me home in pain.  Tells me to follow my ADA diet and see my regular 
doctor if I am not better in 3 days.  Well, my regular doctor is 4  hours 
away form where I am at school.  I did find out today at school I went to the 
worst place I could have.  Everyone said I should have driven out of my way 
to go to the other hospital.  Oh well, live and learn.  I am still in pain 
today and am considering calling my doc to see if he can recommend anything 
until I can get home to see him.  I am lucky that he sees patients on 
Saturdays.  Does anyone have any info on UTI's or bladder infections and how 
to deal with them?  Any info would be great and thanks for letting me vent!

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