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[IP] Derek-other stupid things the med professionals do


I too have had D many years.  A few of the stupidest things that have 
happened to me are:

1. I have an enlarged thyroid but all my annual thyroid blood tests stay in 
the normal ranges.  Well once I was in the Diabetes registry at Washington 
University in St. Louis  at Barnes Hospital (use to be a three day hospital 
stay for NIH research purposes) and I was eating my supper.  One particular 
intern came in and wanted to feel my throat.  He then says, "Do you always 
have trouble swallowing?"  To which I replied, "Only when someone has their 
hands around my throat while I am trying to swallow potatoes."  I thought at 
the time I was quite funny, but he DIDN' T think so!!

2.  Another time during the same hospital stay my blood sugar was somewhere 
in the 40's and a whole troop of the interns (there probably were at least 4 
of them) came in my room and Dr. Wonderful I mentioned in #1 above started 
having a big conversation with me about my low blood sugars.  (At the time my 
husband and I were actively trying to conceive our first child and my normal 
doctor wanted an A1c that was much lower than the interns were trained to 
handle.)  I asked him if I was to remember this conversation or was he just 
in the habit of talking to someone whose blood sugar was so low I was not 
comprehending much of anything.  Well, he got pissed again and I then 
politely asked him if he could get some orange juice so I could treat the low 
blood sugar and if he could come back in ten minutes.  

3.  One other time I was in the hospital and had my girlfriend sneak a chile 
dog up to me for an HS snack.  I was caught and the nurses started the same 
old song and dance about "You shouldn't be doing this, you have diabetes."  
This was pre DCCT days and pre carb counting days.  I then told her I didn't 
plan on eating the dry roast beef sandwich they had sent from the kitchen.  I 
said "two breads, two breads.  Two meats, two meats" as I compared the 
sandwich to the hot dog.  I also asked them how dumb did they think I was 
since I had only had diabetes for 12 years already.  

Needless to say I lived though all of these (plus more) run in's with the 
well meaning but not very bright comments made by the medical professionals.  
I will celebrate 33 years of diagnosis in December.  We also have two very 
bright (yes they do challenge my intelligence) young sons.

Cee Dee
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