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[IP] 6 years, and still new experiences...

Sigh.  I've been pumping 6 years, and new things STILL pop up sometimes.

This morning I was due for a set change.  No problem, I go through the normal procedure (wash the site in the shower with apricot scrub, dry off.  Wipe the site with a betadine swab, let that dry, wipe with alcohol swab, let that dry, wipe with IV prep, let that dry, put in Tender.  BTW, if that seems like a lot of work, it isn't, and I haven't had a site pull out or get infected, even if I leave it in 5 days...)

This time, for the first time ever, as soon as I pulled out the guide needle, the Tender filled with blood.  Bright red, immediately.  I've had a few sites bleed after a few days, but this is the first time the infusion set bled right from the start.  After debating leaving it in and giving it a shot ;-) I decided I'd better not chance it.

So out comes the set (which gushed for a while), and in goes another a few inches away (still in the area that'd been prepped already).  This one's fine.

Anyone have any similar experiences?  You put in a set and need to change it RIGHT away because you just KNOW it's not going to work well?