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Re: [IP] Driving, Alcohol, Marijuana and Diabetes !

When you get the letter, mail a copy to the radio station and any and every
other media source in town, with a letter of explination from you as well.

I was once told by a drug rehab councilor(I am a recovering addict clean for
almost 10 years) that a diabetic who was driving while having a low blood
sugar should be prosecuted for driving while under the influence because two
of his patients whom he claimed were diabetic said they screwed up their
blood sugars because they enjoyed the feeling of being drunk.  Turns out
after talking with him that he made this up, and that he read the symptoms
of a low blood sugar included acting like one was drunk so he assumed it
actually felt like being under the influence.  Not for me, and I've used
more drugs than just alcohol. your mileage may vary.

email @ redacted

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