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Pump Positives (was)Re: [IP] starting the pump on your own

In a message dated 10/30/00 10:16:31 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< having the pump
 makes it easier to be spontaneous! >>
   As usual, your "ducks" are all in a row" here! Being spontaneous is 
equivalent to being able to live "normally". Life has a way of NOT adhering 
to preconceived "scripts", whether it's a child's school trip returning later 
than expected, a business superior droning on & on way past your 
anticipipated lunch break, an unexpected major traffic jam, weather related 
emergencies, and on & on for dozens of examples where a physician's 
inflexible MDI regimen just does not work. I would LOVE to have a physician 
spend even a few hours in a home with a sick child whose parent had given the 
a.m. injection, only to discover that the child can't swallow or keep food 
down. I'd love to see him/her deal with that parental panic of "how do I keep 
this child from going really low if they can't eat?"...and then I'd also love 
to have him/her experience the same scenario with a child on a pump who 
doesn't HAVE TO eat & doesn't HAVE TO take a large a.m. dose of insulin!
    As for the endos who stubbornly insist pump therapy isn't any better, I 
offer the example of a local ped endo who was in the same boat until one 
equally stubborn mom (not me) forced his hand in putting her young son on a 
pump. The results were unassailable, and there are dozens of children pumping 
today with that same doc's blessing, once he too was "converted" to Pumperism!
Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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