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Re: [IP] driving

email @ redacted wrote:
> If you are not testing every time you get behind the wheel of a car, and
> often during long drives, then please email me your regular routes privately
> so i will know which roads to stay off of.

Little bit of a broad brush there, Sara!

I DON'T test every time I get behind the wheel of a car for the simple
reason that I'm VERY aware of hypos -- get symptomatic in the 50's and
60's, have INDEED pulled over and treated when I felt hypo, and have
NEVER had a hypo that I didn't know about and couldn't treat.

In reality, this is, again, a YMMV issue. For a person with severe hypo
unawareness and frequent, unpredictable hypos, driving may not be a good
idea at all. I have a friend who decided not to drive for exactly that

My friend is a responsible person -- he got into a car DURING a hypo and
drove until he crashed into a tree. He was too hypo to KNOW he was hypo
and too hypo to think of testing. He has had MANY of this type of hypo
-- the antics sound funny when you hear about them, but really, they're

But anyhow, I don't think he and I fall into the same category!
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