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Re: [IP] non-diabetics

"At 10:57 AM 10/15/00 Notha Stevens wrote:
 >How do you reply to the non-diabetics...that just are adamant that if you
 >did what you were suppose to...

   This has happened to me.  Just take off your shoes and offer to let the
other person
   wear them!  If they have any idea of what you have to do from day to day,
they will
   run. Then you just have to consider the source and not let them upset you
which can
   be easier said than done."

I'm sure this would work better than my usual, "b*te me" response.  Of
course I normally get this uninformed responses while have lows, which make
me extremely irritable and unpredictable.  Of course these people don't make
these comments more than once.  Just glad my boss never said anything like

thanks for the better approach.

email @ redacted

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