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[IP] ultimate on bad bedside manner...

"Delia said I turned white as a sheet and then I looked like I wanted to
murder the nurse...can you blame me?  jeeez louise, don;t they teach
sensitivity and awareness in nursing school anymore Brian?  It would have
been ONE thing to say, "Oh, that is what we thought you HAD" and to be that
flippant about it... but to say "Oh, that is what we think you MIGHT HAVE"
a completely different case..."  I think Murder would have been proven
provoked...if I didn't die from my PE on my way to find a hatchet to do her
in with....

Obviously, I didn't have one....

Sara SP"

When I was first diagnosed with DM, before anyone told me anything, the
nurse came in at 4 am after having dozens of tests run and spending more
than 10 hours in the E.R. before getting a room, to give me first injection
of insulin.  She smiled at and said I'm going to give you this first one in
the I.V. but starting tomorrow you will have to give the rest of them to
yourself in your legs and stomach.  At 8 years old, that was terrifying,
especially the next morning, when the doc walked and immediately blurted
out, kid your lucky you came in last night, you almost died.  I cried for
hours after not getting any sleep, didn't help when my parents said, over
the phone to stop being a baby and that would be in the next day, could get
away from work.

The two people who helped me the most during the three months I stayed in
that hospital were another 8 year old, and a 50 year old, both insulin
dependent.  The 8 year taught me how to take injections in the arm without
any help, and the fifty year old taught me how to raid the pantry for diet
shastas and sugar free jello.

I haven't thought of that in years.  I wish I could remember their names.

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