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[IP] Illegal testing

SNIP>>>>>>>>>>Wombn said:
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 16:07:58 -0700
From: "wombn" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Need your comments about taking a physical for a new job

Personally, I'm opposed to medical testing/physicals/drug testing 
for jobs that don't involve protecting lives (such as pilots, bus/taxi 
drivers, etc).  And I won't take a job, not even a janitorial job, if they 
put me through testing for *anything* but my qualifications for the 
job.  They're not qualified to make any judgements about me based 
on my medical/psychological/personality/IQ profile and I simply 
won't play that game.
Just my opinion.<<<<<<<<SNIP

About 8 years ago I was asked to interview for a great job at Boeing (knew
lot of people there).  I went for the interview and was handed a pack of
paper as an application to complete before the interview.  No Problem.  Then
I got to a part that required me to list all meds I was taking, as a drug
test was required, and asked about my last menstral period, my child bearing
capabilities, etc.  I was horrified, and as former HR Manager, I knew they
were being illegal.  I went to their HR supervisor and said, I don't mind
answering these questions, if you tell me how this effect the job I am
applying for.  She told me that everone had to fill them out.  I,  very
professionally, reminded her that this was illegal.  She said, if you don't
comlete the application, we can't allow you to interview.   "Good bye" and
fluttered the application over her desk.  (stupid me...if I had taken it
with me I could have filed and EEOC Claim!)  I was furious, wrote the
President, VP of HR, et., about how they were being totally illegal here...

Never heard a word from anyone, but I will never work for Boeing either.  I
won't take any tests with understanding how the results will effect my
work/status/safety of others, etc.  Stand Firm....they are so many companies
trying to invade our privacy with no justification!!
Huntsville, AL

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