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Re: [IP] Driver's License Revocation

"Has anyone had an issue with the DMV or bureaucracy in attempting to get a
Driver's License due to their diabetes?  I just moved from TX back to MN
after a 3 year absence, was pulled over this morning for a speeding ticket,
truly my fault, and received a citation for driving with a revoked license,
truly not my fault.   I thought I had a valid driver's license and was not
even aware of the need for a Doctor's letter of approval for me to drive.  I
did have one before in MN, right before I left and had no idea I needed to
renew it to drive. No notification.  I am facing a 30 day suspension, after
the state receives the county ticket(?) and am hoping my new Dr., who I do
not care for and is very part time, will sign the papers and forward them in
a timely manner.  Please share your experiences and advice if you have any.
I know that the laws are meant to protect us all. I do always test before I
drive, my control is better with a pump, BUT I am feeling so stifled by and
angry at this stupid disease!  Just another hassle to face."

I had this happen once shortly after I got my first license.  DMV required
me to get a letter from doc when I got my first license.  Dummy me didn't
bother to read it or the subsequent restriction on the license.  Because of
that letter I was required to get a complete physical every 2 years and
submit that result to DMV.  Failed to get it done and lost my license during
a time I was looking for a new doc.  The new doc wrote a letter stating that
I no longer needed this review and physical, never had the problem since.

Doctors are required by law to report any episode where you have lost
consciousness due to seizure or other medical complications.  One such
episode could cost you your license for up to sixth months sometimes more
depending on the state you live in.  Not being honest with your doctor
because of this puts not only yourself but everyone else in danger.  I don't
have the right to risk your life, any more than anyone else has the right to
risk my life.

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