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Re: [IP] Self Worth


    SNIP>>>>>>>I was diagnosed diabetic at age 12 and 30 years later, I
still struggle
with self-worth issues.  <<<<<<<SNIP

Out of curiosity, and to back up my Psych research....Please, if there is a
female who has NOT had issues with SELF WORTH,  please raise your hand......
And please email me privately.

My research and experience has shown that all women struggle with self worth
issues and no preventative measures are known at this time; that young girls
lose any confidence and self worth they had around puberty....and to various
degrees have issues until they are dead, or close to it.    Anybody have
personal experience of a different kind???

Bonnie Richardson

All human beings have this problem to a lesser or greater degree during some
time in their lives.

Having an incurable chronic illness as a child adds it's own unique problems
to an already difficult problem taught by family, friends and society.

I recently found out that after letting a couple of coworkers know about my
diabetes, pre-pump, that I was soon being left out different Unit Eating
parties because they didn't want me to feel left out not being able to eat
with them.  That kinda hurt.  And I'm a 33 year old male, been DM for 25
years.  Freaked everybody out when I attended a friends birthday party and
shared in the cake. I'm still tweaking sleep time basals but I love this

who has so many DM war stories it's almost hilarious, almost.
email @ redacted

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