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Re: [IP] Re: being different and self acceptance

>    I hope you are able to convince her that diabetes does not have to hold
>her back from being "normal".  Through your continued assurance that you
>her, and that her "worth" is unrelated to the diabetes, she may learn
>patience and self-acceptance.  Of course first she has to work through her
>anger at how unfair life appears to be.  This is her choice.
> The most damaging issue in my
>life has been anger and lack of self worth.  At 13, I am sure your daughter
>will go through many stages.

I posted this to a news group some years ago in responce to a parent who
was looking for ways to punish her bad diabetic kid for having high bg's.
Here's a copy:

{snipped for brevity}

Thanks, that's a keeper.

email @ redacted

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