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[IP] REAL Cheap Pump Case!

> Anyway, I just got a letter from Minimed saying that I was eligible for a
> free gift here's the list to choose from:
> Bra pouch(black or white)
> clip case(black or brown) worn on belt.
> Neoprene Case(black, green, blue, yellow, red, or turquoise/purple
> multi-color) worn on belt.  Material is like swimsuit material.

Accessory Alert!

My husband & I stopped at the local Dairy Mart last night, &, as always, I
looked at the "trendy little gift items".  They had (emphasize "had",
because I bought the four that were there!) these little "animal print phone
cases" for $3.99...same clip as the Clipcase I currently wear, snap over the
top clasp, & a perfect fit for my D pump!  I had been worried lately about
what I'd ever do if my case broke - well, now I've got backups that are WAY
under budget! <g>  And while I know that "animal print" may sound a little
too far on the wild side for some who are conservative dressers, the
snakeskin ones (in subtle green/black or brown/black tones) look to me like
they'd work extremely well with even a very conservative business suit.
(Now the leopard & tiger prints...well, that's another story!)  And if the
pumper in your life is a kid (or just a kid at heart), they'd make a great
stocking stuffer!

*Note:  I am NOT being paid to endorse these guys...I'm just very excited
about finding something nearby that seems to be so handy!

The website address on the tag is www.noveltycity.com .

Happy Almost Halloween!

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