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Re: [IP] Sad, mad and discouraged

We have been trying to get Cory on an insulin pump for almost a year now.
Our former endo said he would not put anyone under 12 on one so we left
traveled 2 1/2 hours farther away to get an endo who has a large children's
pump program.  That was in April!  July 20th he approved a pump for Cory.
Aug. 5th we went to a pump seminar/training session that was required.  We
completed all our paper work and mailed it to the endo.  About a week later
called for confirmation that they had received it.  They said yes and that
the insurance company would send me a letter of approval or denial and if
approved we would set up an appointment to get on the pump. Several weeks
passed and  I never heard anything more so I called the endo again. At that
time I was told that the endo had just returned from vacation, had dictated
the letter the night before and it would be sent to the insurance company.
They said I should hear from the insurance company within 2 - 3 weeks.

Sorry to hear about this.  I've had like troubles before.  Every time in my
case it was because the nursing staff didn't pass on my requests and
instructions properly, since I switched to a better doctor with a great
staff this is no longer a problem.

I would suggest following the other suggestions already posted as well as
picking up a copy of the doctor's letter and mailing it yourself.  Your
medical file is yours and you have a write to a copy of everything in it,
and everything your doctor writes about you should be in your file.

I called my insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, and asked
them what was required to get approved, and they said nothing, just have the
pump company contact us for billing.  So I called Minimed after having my
doctor fax them a copy of a release form for billing purposes, and had the
pump 3 days later on a weds. and had an appointment to get hooked up and get
the initial rates set the following Monday.  Some insurance providers really
s*ck, if possible stay away from HMOs.

Joke to follow:

3 guys standing before the pearly gates are asked by Saint Peter what was it
they did to earn their place in heaven.  The first guy says he was Endo
specializing in Children's care, and worked hard to get his kids pumps and
anything else they needed.  Saint Peter said, go right in.  Second guy says
that was a diabetes camp counselor, helping kids to learn about their
diabetes and live happy lives.  Saint Peter said, go right in.  The third
guy said he worked for an HMO helping people get cost effective medical
care.  saint Peter said go right in.  But as the HMO employee walked in,
Saint Peter looked down from his desk and said "but only for three days,
after that you go straight to hell!"

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