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Re: [IP] starting the pump on your own

>How many out there started pumping on their own? Reading and getting the
>idea without a educator?


I've been unsuccessful at getting any cooperation from the doctors.  They
haven't even heard of the CBGM nor even seen a pump.  I found one endo (the
only one who sees pump patients) and he's been discouraging me form the
pump for three years.  So I'm going it alone.  I have been studying the
pump and following this list for four years or more and will try it without
the dorks who call themselves doctors.

If you want to share ideas feel free to email me.

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

I don't know what the pumps and supplies cost over in your net of the woods,
but here in the USA the Minimed pump costs $5,000.00.  Without a doctors
request my insurance wouldn't cover the cost.  Some insurance companies
don't cover it 100%.

The CBGM is not for individual purchase and use just yet.  You have to get
the doctor to hook you to it for the 3 day period, then take it back to
chart the readings, then the doc decides if you need to wear it any longer
to get more readings for an accurate profile.  There is no disconnecting
from the monitor, you sleep, swim, bathe, etc with it on so it 's a good
idea to limit certain activities to those that will not get the thing wet,
tie it up in a plastic bag as carefully as possible and hang it upside down
while showering.

email @ redacted

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