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[IP] Re: [hiding pump]

Hi Darlene,
There are many different places to put the pump, I never "hide" mine, I am
proud to wear it and have people ask about it!  But if you feel the need to
hide it, you can put in a pocket, under pants, under skirts, etc.   There
are all sorts of accessories, or you can make your own, to help you.  Check
the archives for hints also, its full of ideas!
Best of luck, and keep us updated, pumping is the best thing besides a cure!
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

Hi, this is my first post to the list, so if I make a mistake in
sending/posting go ahead and flame me, but do it in private email for the
sanity of the rest of the members...(laugh people)

Anyway, I just got a letter from Minimed saying that I was eligible for a
free gift here's the list to choose from:
Bra pouch(black or white)
clip case(black or brown) worn on belt.
Neoprene Case(black, green, blue, yellow, red, or turquoise/purple
multi-color) worn on belt.  Material is like swimsuit material.

I've also been told by doc that some of his other pumpers cut holes in
shirts and or pants pockets a little bigger than a button hole(sewing it
just like a button hole to prevent it from tearing).

Send email to email @ redacted
I don't know if my correct email address will appear in the respond to line
since I read this through my browser and fudge the email address to prevent

pumping for almost a month. still tweaking basal rates.

So if the original poster of this topic would like one just email me with
where to ship it and I'll order one for you, Minimed also sells a leg pouch
and waste pouch which are very comfortable I use them for sleeping, and just
wear the pump on my belt next to my pager.  Thinking of getting a utility
belt for work, what with having to wear the pump, pager, radio, keys,
flashlight and pepper spray.

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