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[IP] carb counting

I am fairly new to this so this may sound a little naive but for those of you 
who are just now starting to count carbs how did you figure your bolus for 
meals before? 
When I was dx in October of '99 this is the way I was taught to figure for my 
meals I don't understand how it could be figured any other way. Could someone 
explain it to me?
On the subject of protein and fat I don't understand exactly how it works but 
I was told that it causes the carbs to react slower so instead of your carbs 
for the food intake hitting within two to three hours it could take four to 
six (just an example not exact). Also I have been able to explain some of my 
lows because of the fiber in the foods that I eat. they say if it contains 
more than 5gm of fiber to subtract it from the carbs. Since I was told this I 
subtract all fiber not just when it is above 5gms. I t seems to have help 
explain some of the extreme lows that I tend to have.

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