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Re: [IP] Help with recipe carb count - unexplained high

I'm not sure the fat actually increases insulin resistance to 
specific cells.  What happens if you eat a lot of fat is that many 
hours later that fat cells become metabolically active.  When this 
happens they start to use insulin too.  So now you have more cells 
using insulin, and there just isn't enough to go around to handle the 
glucose in the blood.   So BGs can rise substantially many hours 
after a fatty meal.

<<<<<<<<<<<email @ redacted wrote:
>  I have to disagree on you saying that fat doesn't raise bg"s. It definitely
>  will, it just doesn't raise them as fast.
Well, my own experience is that I usually eat fat with accompanying
carb. The fat seems to increase insulin resistance, so I don't peak as
high, but I stay up longer.
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