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[IP] back off

Well said Sara :-).  This is the same old story that plays itself out 
in many medical arenas.   Lots of medical advice is given to ensure 
that there's no chance of even the dumbest dummy making a mistake. 
Guidelines are set as much by legal experts as by medical experts. 
Often it takes a whole group of patients doing something outrageous 
before the medical community finally "approves", and even then they 
still don't like it.  Case in point are all those diabetics who 
inject insulin through definitely unsterile clothing and unwiped 
skin.   It took years for the medical community to actually do 
scientific tests to clearly demonstrate that there was absolutely no 
detectable effect of this on anything they could think of to measure. 
Even now, many docs and nurses still discourage the practise, despite 
the evidence against them.  I've been pumping for almost 3 years and 
do lots of things that MM does not approve of.  It works for me, and 
I will tell any user to give it a try.  Maybe not as loudly as Sara 
will tell, but the point is that we have to take care of ourselves 
and anything that makes life easier that works for others is surely 
worth a try.  Reusing reservoirs is surely worth trying as there is 
little downside.  If there's not enough lubricant, a no delivery beep 
will sound and you just go and put a new one in.  Personally I let my 
sites go 4-5 days and let a  filled reservoir go for about 2 weeks. 
I've never had a problem.  Everything is worth trying, at least once. 
:-) But YMMV.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<okie dokie Tim
perhaps you ahven't been on this list very long, but the entire reason this
list exists is to HELP other pumpers/diabetics.  None of us pretend to be
medical professionals, except of course the ones who are, like Barb and Spot.
  If you or joe or sue of mary or whoever else reads something naughty me or
naughty someone else writes and takes it as "medical advice" then obviously
you are not very smart!

>   To give advice on treating something that is as
>   important as your health and your life, to give

baloney.  I don't "advise"   If I did, I would be charging you for my words
of wisdom.  In MY experience, I have NEVER had a problem reusing reservoirs.
I have never had a problem from NOT wiping my insulin bottle and while I am
not so stupid to think "it will never happen to me," I also feel it is my
right to share my successes with people who ASK the question.  Obviously all
2700 members of IP are not going to write back, but I would be willing to bet
cash  money that at least 1/2 of them have reused a resevoir, or a tubing, or
left a set in MORE than 3 days.

>   someone advice to do something that is extremely not
>   recommended is

never said i was a doctor, but bet i have a lot more expereince "treating"
diabetes than MOST of them
---etc from Sara-----   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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