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[IP] PROFILE catches fire!!!

Just a little bg machine humor for the IP group...

Last night I was cooking dinner and my husband turned on the stove burner.
He thought he turned on the back when instead it was the front burner that
was turned on.  This burner had a burner cover on it along with my PROFILE
laying on top of the cover.  I had moved it there while I was cleaning my
counter top.  WELL A FEW MINUTES LATER I SMELL SMOKE.  As I run into the
kitchen I see my PROFILE smoking.  My poor, dependable, takes a licking and
keeps on ticking PROFILE now has smoke coming out of the little adapter hole
from the side of it!  Out of pure reflex  I pick it up and end up dropping
it on the floor b.c. it was SO HOT!
After it cooled, I checked my BG and I was 116!  After all of that, it STILL
works fine.
Thank God for my back up PROFILE...just in case!

Mel and pumpy...who is double checking the knobs on the stove!!

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