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[IP] Reusing Reservoirs

Hello, Tim.

>... But without enough lubricant in the resevoir the pump will not deliver 
>the proper amount of insulin. Possibilliy causing High Blood Sugars even 
>ketones in serious cases.

My experience is that there is enough lubricant to permit reuse of the 
reservoirs for a full month, which carries me through an initial fill and 
three refills of 3 ml. (Please see my post entitled "Minimed reservoirs" 
dated Oct 27 for the procedure I use to avoid "NO DELIVERY" alarms.) IAC, 
insufficient lubricant triggers NO DELIVERY alarms fairly quickly. My 
experience is that such alarms usually occur during the priming operation. 
To assure, then, that the reservoir plunger's working correctly, one could 
prime, then prime for 10 units a second time. To be even more certain of 
proper plunger operation, one could conduct the reservoir refill just 
before a meal and monitor the mealtime bolus. Again, the procedure I'm 
using allows me to avoid such additional steps. The key is to work the 
plunger sufficiently before the reservoir is refilled so that it moves freely.

Hello, Jan.

>... is it a possibility that the lead screw in the pump has to "work 
>harder" to push the insulin through the tubing?

As Corky Courtright pointed out in his post, the pump is designed so that 
if the screw has to work too hard, a NO DELIVERY alarm will be triggered. 
If that alarm doesn't occur, one can be confident that the screw is working 

regards, Andy

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