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Re: [IP] Protein & Fat

>Hello all;
>There was recently a discussion on the list abut Protein or fat raising
>BG's, I always figured my carbs, have no idea how to figure fat or protein,
>can anyone please give me some details on it, or refer me to an article that
>explains it.
>Thanks in advance

As I understand carb-counting:

Count grams of carb as follows:

100% of carbohydraytes
50% of grams of protien
10% of grams of fat

Ex:  My TV dinner says:  35 g CHO, 12 g protien & 3 g of fat.

grams to bolus for:

35+ 12/2 + 3*.1  =  35  +6 + .3  =  41.3

Most don't take fat into consideration.  I only count carbs and protien but
of course the higher the protien and fat the longer the total # of carbs
will take ot be metabolized therefore you get into a duel or square-wave
bolus if high in fat and/or protien, like Pizza or Wing night at the pub.

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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