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what the dr's and "professionals" state as true today may not be so
tomorrow... after over 40 years of listening to the experts i have learned
that whatever they say is, at best, just someone's opinion, .it is
important that each diabetic study and learn what is best for themselves
and their overall care , health and total well-being, and also what
allows the degree of "freedom" to interact with the rest of the world.
To the extent that you form your opinion based on facts rather than 
theories which seem to be correct you are 100% correct. When I first got 
diabetes a goal of every manufacturer was to clean up the insulin and 
eliminate foreign proteins such as c-peptide. now, we know that c-peptide 
has a role in tissue function. It seemed obvious to the pharmaceutical 
chemists that it played no role in regulating tissue metabolism but they 
should have realized the human body is very efficient and does not waste 
energy in building a peptide and waste amino acids in throwing them away 
willy nilly. Proteins are hard to come by in the body. When new ideas, 
critical of old ones are brought to the attention of "experts" they often 
poo poo them in favor of ideas that are comfortable or resonate with old 
theories. People pushing acceptance of the new theories are often called 
"whiz kids" or youngsters by the older "established scientists" pfui!

A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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