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Re: [IP] pump screw

In a message dated 10/29/00 10:24:05 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  dont even have my pump manual in NY, but I seeem to remember something in 
there saying adding lubricant to the lead screw would automatically void the 
warranty, so we "should" only use the little white brush..can someone please 
confirm or deny that for me?   >>

p. 105 of my 507c manual, under "Cleaning Your 507C" states:
"5. Do not use any lubricants on your MiniMed pump mechanism.  It has been 
treated with a special dry lubricant designed to last the life of the pump."

I don't see anything specifically talking about the warranty.

Customer Service has told me in the past that if I want to use a cleaner on 
the lead screw, to be sure it is just air and has no lubricant.  (It has 
probably been a year or more since I asked.)  But I have noticed when I have 
had a pump serviced, it has always appeared to have been freshly lubricated.

Linda Z
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