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[IP] Preschool Snack Help--Poll

Hi Friends:
My 4 year oldson goes to preschool from 9:30am to 11:45am twice a week.  So 
far what I have done is set a basal to cover the snack for the day, which 
they give at 10:30am.  (They provide me with the snack to measure out the 
carbs ahead of time.) So basically right now he receives his basal and then 
at 10:30 his pump will deliver a set basal which acts as a bolus for the 
snack.  WHat I am wondering is if I should be doing something different.  We 
are not always on target by noon, and have had some highs and lows this way, 
never perfect.  We have been pumping 2 months now.

I would like to get some feedback on what YOU think I COULD do to feel 
better about this?  Should I increase his basal slightly on the hour instead 
of one "shot" at 10:30am, or should I just leave him for the 2 hours and 
correct for the highs when he is home at noon? His high (if he has one), 
would only be an hour and half long at the most.  He EATS everything for 
snack so that is not a concern in case you are going to say "what if he 
doesn't eat all the snack." He is a great eater always has been.

So, my poll today is to see what you have done in the past or present or 
just some ideas.  Right now I sit at home while he is there and always 
wonder what is going to happen...(the teacher will test his bg too if I 

Take care!
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