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Re: [IP] re: constant no-delivery alarms-Minimed


I don't know what MM pump you have, I have a 506.  For the 506 there is "The
Lead Screw Rotation Test".  With the infusion set out of you,   open the
door and look at the lead screw. There is a white groove (a white line
really) on the end of the lead screw.  If you program a bolus of 7.2 units
the screw should make exactly one revolution. You watch the white line to
make sure the screw is turning...it should come back to the starting point.
The drive nuts should move forward and insulin should come out of the
infusion set.

I think I damaged my original 506 by being careless with the driver arms one
day.  I pushed the nut forward,  to fit the syringe plunger, while putting
in a new syringe .  I think the problem was I had only the forward driver
arm cocked out..the rear arm was still in the locked position.  The pump
still worked after this...but it gave me "no delivery alarms" every so

After working like this for a day or so the Driver nuts locked up

The first thing the MM tech asked me to do was the above Lead Screw
test..which the pump failed.-James

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> Janine,
>  I'm so sorrrry! I know how frustrating those problems
> are. My first MM was notorious for No Delivery alarms
> with no reason, adn the screw not turning evenly, but
> they would NOT replace the box, they always blamed the
> set or reservoir each time I called--I was told to
> call so they could document it. And finally< i wound
> up in the ER b/c something with the screw HAD broken,
> which was the ONE TIME I did NOT get a No Delivery
> alarm..but I did get one 24 hrs after leaving hte ER,
> but it was too litttle too late.  MM blames a lot of
> people and other things for problems, and that I did
> get tired of. also, the loose door, you should NOT NOT
> NOT have to tape it shut! I had 4 pumps and 3 of them
> (including a brand new one) had an extremely loose
> door, forcing me to use the leather case 24/7.
>  I will say don't get stressed by these problems, or,
> if you do, let your voice be heard. I sent a letter to
> Terry Gregg, got ahold of the Director of Clinical
> Services, the whole 9 yards.
>  In the end, I switched to Disetronic--no more pump
> probs..no loose door, NOT a single no delivery or
> occulsion alarm, etc etc. If you can't tell I'm really
> happy I switched and just like I wondered why I waited
> so long to start the pump, I wonder why I dealt with
> MM crap for so long.
>  Yes, my experience was negative so please don't spam
> me for expressing my opinion, as some of you have
> already done, but for me personally, the Disetronic is
> a better pump after wearing both.
>  Amy
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