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[IP] Re: diabetes and driving

In a message dated 10/28/00 7:27:51 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> To everyone who would like to participate in a survey about Diabetes and
> Driving!
> Why don't we take a little survey of our own, just to see if this so-called
> candidate has a point to what he is saying.
> 1.  How many people test their blood sugar at least 90% of the time before
> driving any type of vehicle?
> Yes I do, more like 98% of the time.  I signed a contract when I got my pump
saying I would do this and other things too.  Had to sign the contract before 
the cde
would let me connect to the pump with insulin.

> 2.  How many people have went low while driving and knew to get off the road
> to treat it?
> I have done this but there have been times I know I've done the I'll treat 
> it when I get home thing.  That was before the pump though, I'm more aware 
> of it now.

> 3.  How many people on this list have ever had an accident due to diabetic
> complications only?
> No
> If you want you can post to the list or send to me directly at
> email @ redacted
> Carrie Misencik
> - ----- Original Message ----- >
> > I betcha he's never even gone a single day without a diabetic in the car
> > in front, next to, or behind him!!!!
> >
> > Omigawd, we're everywhere!!!!
> >

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