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[IP] update on: Help with recipe carb count

Thanks to everyone for your feedback on our problem with dessert the
other night! Some replies to comments, and an update:

>OK. So what are the DIRECTIONS? Is this a pie, a cake? Inquiring minds want 
>to know! (how to make it)  :-)

This is a blackbottom pie. Very rich and chocolaty (not to mention
unhealthy). Think cookie crumb crust, chocolate custard layer, custard
meringue layer. Anyone interested in obtaining detailed cooking
instructions, please email me privately (unless I get like 50 requests
and then I'll just post it...) :)

>It could be that that fat in the chocolate is slowing down his carb
>absorption (like the pizza phenomenon)

Shane was high in less than 4 hours after eating it, so we don't think
it was the fat. Pizza and steak and other fatty foods generally hit him
about 6-8 hours after eating.

>MasterCook said 82 grams of carb per serving.   If I use "1 pkg gelatin
>powder" instead of "1 pkg gelatin" it says 89 grams of carb per serving.

interesting. Although not enough of a difference to cause such a severe
high. I used Knox unflavored gelatin, which has 0 carbs according to the

So, purely in the interests of science (yeah right), we tried again
today. Shane ate the same amount, did the same bolus, and has checked
BGs several times since eating. 4 hours later he has not gone at all
high. So we have no idea what caused the high. As I said before, it was
a very "normal" day with normal foods, exercise, stress, etc. The same
site, cartidge, pump, etc are all still going strong today. This is
apparently one of those random inexplicable highs, which we had not
experienced since switching from MDI to the pump (almost 1 year ago)...
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