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[IP] Great driving news from California

On July 1, 2000 I was Hypoglycemic while driving and had a minor accident.
As a result, the state of California suspended my license. Today was the
hearing on that suspension and they reinstated the drivers license. They
reinstated it based ona few things:
1. My driver's record was clean.
2. My doctor wrote a good letter saying I was well controlled and able to
3. The Hypoglycemia during driving was an aberation because I was running
my diabetes very strictly to help with healing from bypass surgery.
4. The FAA & DOT have licensed insulin dependent diabetics as private
pilots and as commercial truck drivers provided they follow a procedure of
testing BG prior to driving or flying and then testing ever 1 or 2 hours
while flying and driving. They must carry insulin and glucose tablets to
correct high or low BGs.
5. I agreed to follow a similar procedure and would only drive with my BG
between 80 and 300.
6. I would submitt medical clearances from my doctor 4 times during the
next year. If the doctor is convinced everything is ok, then they won't
need medical clearance after the year.
This sounded very good to me. I thought it would take at least a year to
get the license back. It just goes to show that there is always hope.

Ray Rahn in California

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