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[IP] re: constant no-delivery alarms-Minimed

 I'm so sorrrry! I know how frustrating those problems
are. My first MM was notorious for No Delivery alarms
with no reason, adn the screw not turning evenly, but
they would NOT replace the box, they always blamed the
set or reservoir each time I called--I was told to
call so they could document it. And finally< i wound
up in the ER b/c something with the screw HAD broken,
which was the ONE TIME I did NOT get a No Delivery
alarm..but I did get one 24 hrs after leaving hte ER,
but it was too litttle too late.  MM blames a lot of
people and other things for problems, and that I did
get tired of. also, the loose door, you should NOT NOT
NOT have to tape it shut! I had 4 pumps and 3 of them
(including a brand new one) had an extremely loose
door, forcing me to use the leather case 24/7.
 I will say don't get stressed by these problems, or,
if you do, let your voice be heard. I sent a letter to
Terry Gregg, got ahold of the Director of Clinical
Services, the whole 9 yards.
 In the end, I switched to Disetronic--no more pump
probs..no loose door, NOT a single no delivery or
occulsion alarm, etc etc. If you can't tell I'm really
happy I switched and just like I wondered why I waited
so long to start the pump, I wonder why I dealt with
MM crap for so long. 
 Yes, my experience was negative so please don't spam
me for expressing my opinion, as some of you have
already done, but for me personally, the Disetronic is
a better pump after wearing both.

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