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RE: [IP] Diabetes and Driving?

Hi all
1. Yes and No to testing. In the afternoon my bs tends to drop on 
it's own, so before I leave work I'll test. I also work in a state 
position that requires me to drive a state own vehicle at times with 
kids in it. I always test before driving. It's kid of a save my butt 
move, in case anything ever happened.
2. Yes, I would never hesitate
3. No

In New Jersey, our renewal form asks if you have a condition that 
could produce seizures. Though I have never had one due to 
diabetes I do have to answer yes. I had to surrender my privilage to 
drive a school bus when I was first dx because type I diabetics in 
NJ can not hold a commerical driver's license that involves 
transporting others.

The first two years this was a pain because I had to submit a dr 
note saying I could drive and what my A1c was every 4 months. 
But now I only get the form to submit in every 4 years when I renew 
my license. I found out that in NJ if I am ever in an accident that is 
caused by my diabetes that this will in fact be proof that I was 
under my doctor's care and approved for driving.

Doctor's in NJ are required to notify Division of motor vehicles of 
diabetics with A1c over 11%.

Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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