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[IP] back off

okie dokie Tim

perhaps you ahven't been on this list very long, but the entire reason this 
list exists is to HELP other pumpers/diabetics.  None of us pretend to be 
medical professionals, except of course the ones who are, like Barb and Spot. 
 If you or joe or sue of mary or whoever else reads something naughty me or 
naughty someone else writes and takes it as "medical advice" then obviously 
you are not very smart!

>  To give advice on treating something that is as
>  important as your health and your life, to give

baloney.  I don't "advise"   If I did, I would be charging you for my words 
of wisdom.  In MY experience, I have NEVER had a problem reusing reservoirs.  
I have never had a problem from NOT wiping my insulin bottle and while I am 
not so stupid to think "it will never happen to me," I also feel it is my 
right to share my successes with people who ASK the question.  Obviously all 
2700 members of IP are not going to write back, but I would be willing to bet 
cash  money that at least 1/2 of them have reused a resevoir, or a tubing, or 
left a set in MORE than 3 days.  

>  someone advice to do something that is extremely not
>  recommended is 

hah.  It does not say in the literature that it is EXTREMELY  not 
recommended.  You just added that.  It is not recommended that I walk through 
bad neighborhoods on my way to work, but if you think i am gonna add 10 
blocks to my trip to avoid something someone recommends I not do, 

>  not talking about some game here; this is a serious
>  health condition, diabetes, and it demands the safest

yeah, which is why the only advice i ever GIVE is to test often...that is the 
ONLY way you can know if something is or is not working for you.  Just cuz 
Minimed or your CDE recommends you do something does not ALWAYS mean it 
works.  shoot, there are peopple on here who HAVE to change their sites 
DAILY!!!  Should they ignore their rising blood sugars because MNMD 
RECOMMENDS they leave the site in no more than 2 days, or whatever the exact 
wording is, i am not going to go dig it up.  It is PURE common sense, and 
that is what we share here.  When in doubt, change it out...if at once you 
dont succeed, try try again.  

>  with others, could even be constituted with the same
>  seriousness of operating without a doctors license. I

never said i was a doctor, but bet i have a lot more expereince "treating" 
diabetes than MOST of them

>  thinking about doing this at least ask a health
>  profession and not base it on this mailing list. 

duh...that is implied.  I think there is even something to that affect in the 
welcome email every person who subscribes gets...that this is NOT a medically 
moderated list.  You take what you need from the list and through the rest 

Diabetes, just like Life, IS most definitely a game...sometimes you win, 
sometimes you lose...but you can't WIN if you don't play.

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