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[IP] Re: constant no-delivery alarms

why do i keep experiencing this?  
while teaching, while sleeping, this occurs and I panic.  it happened 5 times 
in one day (no, i didn't h ave time to change everything out).
No kinks, no probs with site.  Finally, Minimed said it might have been the 
box of Sils they had sent me, and offered to replace with a new box.  Sure 
enough, the new box was better - just a few No Delivery alarms.
If this is the case, why can' t the company be more careful with the items 
they are shipping out?
Also, I received a new pump last Tues. because my old one wasn't working.  
The new pump had a door that didn't tightly close and I had to use Duct Tape 
to keep it tight.  So now I have a NEW new pump, which seems to be delivering 
with more consistency.
I am annoyed with Minimed.  Hey, it's my day that's shot and my body that 
suffers from the highs.  Shouldn't THEY be sending out pumps and infusion 
sets that are working correctly?
Or could it be something else?  I try to put the site in at the same angle 
with each change, I really do.
Thanks for any support or insight!
Love, Janine
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