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[IP] Precision extra

Recently I got a precision Xtra.  For the past 2 weeks I've grown to love it 
(well, love may be a bit strong).  Anyway, the strips suddenly aren't 
working(says error)...so I decided to try the Ketone test (i'd never used 
that part before and it says 0.6 nand my BG (on another meter) said 78...so 
since I can't find the G.D. manual, what does a 0.6 even mean and how do i 
fix my new meter?  thanks !
Happy weekend!
- -Alecia
Had you been eating prior to testing Alecia? If you were not, 0.6 is an OK
reading for ketones. I don't push the big red button until it is >2.0 When
you don't eat you burn a little fat which always gives ketones. 0.6 means
trace. I love my meter and find it is helpful in determining my true
metabolic state Call their 800 number and ask for a meter manual. my CDE
gave me mine. I agree love is too srrong. But as Jackie Mason says I really
like it! but I do not love it! The true value of this meter is to know
about ketones before they play a whole symphony in your head. try puttin a
drop of waer on the test strip. It should read0.0 on a ketone strip. Well,
you live in NYC so it might give a low reading. Spot and Christine

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