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Re: [IP] Help with recipe carb count - unexplained high

In a message dated 10/27/00 10:18:17 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Carbohydrates are the only thing you eat that will raise bGs.  Fat will
slow absorption of carbs so your high blood sugar will be slower coming
and last longer from the carbs you ate.

Bob, perhaps this is true for you, but it is certainly not true for me.  I 
can imagine why you think it is true, though -- I have had doctors tell me 
that in the past, and seen it published also.  Eating very low fat and 
relatively low protein enables me not to have to consider it, usually.  With 
me, the glucose rise from the fat itself doesn't come for 8-10 hours, usually 
(which often puts it in the middle of the night, oh joy) -- the glucose rise 
from protein starts for me a few hours after eating  (but I usually don't see 
any rise unless I have eaten at least 20 g of protein, and the rise varies, 
but is always less than what it would be for carbohydrate). And yes, fat also 
has the effect you describe on carb digestion.  YMMV  (and actually mine va
ries too, with gastroparesis)

Linda Z
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