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Re: [IP] Diabetes and Driving?

>1.  How many people test their blood sugar at least 90% of the time >
>    before  driving any type of vehicle?

yes always when driving for long distance

>2.  How many people have went low while driving and knew to get off the >   
>  road to treat it?

twice felt low and tested at 65 and 68 ate and waited a few minutes before 
driving and once was shopping felt low, tested at 51 ate glucose tabs waited 
10 minutes and tested again at 47 ate more glucose tabs and waited 15 
minutes and was at 78 and then drove.

>3.  How many people on this list have ever had an accident due to >    
>diabetic complications only?

All accidents I had were due to other persons fault other person on other 
side skidding into me, and getting rear ended and once due to faulty brakes 
after a brake repair from machanics


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