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[IP] TRW (was Need your comments about taking a physical for a new job)

In a message dated 10/27/00 9:52:27 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I had interviewed for a secretarial position with TRW, in the division 
 makes the air bags.  I was hired to work in the computer center as secretary 
 to the division head.  I had only to pass a physical and then I could start.
 I went for the physical and was honest and said I had IDDM, but said I was 
 well controlled.  They did a "dip-stick" and it came out with "trace" of 
 sugar, it was about 2pm and my lunch was probably hitting.  I had taken an 
 extra shot of reg to try to be low for the exam (back in my MDI days).
 Next day the personnel lady called my back and said I could not be employed 
 by TRW  >>

LOL  Good ol' TRW ... hasn't changed a bit! About 3 years ago, I was 
contracted to do some editing work at one of its plants. When they found out 
I actually tested and injected -- at work, yet!!!! -- I was all of a sudden 
"not needed."

And one of these days I'll tell you about the plant nurse who told me I was a 
"real bad diabetic" because I gave myself more than two shots a day. She had 
never seen an insulin pen and did not know what Humalog was. (Hence, her 
insistance that I dress in full anti-static regalia, come to her office, give 
myself my lunchtime injection and THEN go in search of food!)

Good riddance to that place!

No problem with the drug test, though. I just told them what meds I took and 
that was factored in. I passed.

Jan and Elvis
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