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Re: [IP] Reusing reservoirs

At 07:50 PM 10/27/2000 George Lovelace wrote:
 >On 27 Oct 2000, at 7:54, jhughey wrote:
 >> > From: email @ redacted
 >> > Subject: Re: [IP] Minimed reservoirs
 >> > I agree 100%! do not use the resevoir more than one fill! You will
 >>  I very often reuse my reservoirs. I also change sets every 4-5
 >> days. That's all wrong. I even used my syringes until they got
 >> fishhooks on them, and I cannardly wait for time change to get a new
 >> lancet - but then, I'm in north central Indiana and we don't change
 >> our time, so I'll have to wait until New Year's Day when George
 >> Lovelace reminds us.
 >The change to Standard Time this weekend is a good time to
 >change the batteries in those smoke detectors.  And for the really
 >anal among us, you might change those lancets also.  My Fourth
 >of July change was a bit late so I'm good until Valentines day.   :>)

So why are you changing them so often?? I change my lancet once a year, 
whether it needs it or not. I wait until New Year's Day.


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