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Re: [IP] Need your comments about taking a physical for a new job

In a message dated 10/25/00 1:17:55 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Can any of you shed any light on this physical business?  Is it just a 
 cursory type of thing, or what?  Do you think I have anything to worry 
  My future new boss told me everybody has to take one to work here, from 
 janitor on up. >>

Hope your job physical turns out for the best.  Just thought you'd like to 
hear my story.

Keep in mind that this was about 12 years ago, and happened in Arizona, which 
is a "right-to-work" state.  Basically, the right to work favors the 
employer, they cannot discriminate for race, religion, sex, etc., but it is 
questionable if diabetes fits under this umbrella.

I had interviewed for a secretarial position with TRW, in the division that 
makes the air bags.  I was hired to work in the computer center as secretary 
to the division head.  I had only to pass a physical and then I could start.

I went for the physical and was honest and said I had IDDM, but said I was 
well controlled.  They did a "dip-stick" and it came out with "trace" of 
sugar, it was about 2pm and my lunch was probably hitting.  I had taken an 
extra shot of reg to try to be low for the exam (back in my MDI days).

Next day the personnel lady called my back and said I could not be employed 
by TRW because I was had withheld the info that I was diabetic and that since 
I couldn't control myself I would be a threat in the workplace.  What kind of 
threat?  I was hired to be a secretary in the computer room??  

So I called back the man who had wanted me to be his sec, and he apologized 
all over the place, but said he couldn't do anything about it.  He had 
discussed my diabetes with personnel, but they wouldn't budge.  He also clued 
me in.  Apparently in that division of TRW they always refused new hires with 
any "expensive" chronic conditions, to keep their health insurance costs low.

I went to the lawyers and asked about a discrimination suit.  Was advised 
that I probably had a case under the Disability Act, however, all I would be 
entitled to was back wages, if I remained unemployed.  Right after this 
experience I found a better, higher paying job, so I never pursued the suit.

Hope yours is not so dramatic.  Good Luck,

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