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Re:[IP] Posting: Advice Needed For a New Pumper

DO NOT try to keep him on the pump. You've made a huge romantic error. You do 
not care for a man. Look at how another man would treat him. Another man 
would know that to show him he likes him he would say, "Shut up, you can 
handle diabetes as good as anyone. Would soufle go good with rice?"

I tried to talk a diabetic male work friend into pumping. He displayed low 
energy, had many severe lows at work. It went like this. "You should try this 
insulin pump. I think its great" "Oh, I've heard about those. I don't like 
the idea of something on me all the time. You have that on you all the time 
right? Even at night." "Yes, I don't think thats a problem. Its well worth it 
for the things I get. I can taper my night time basal rates. That was really 
important to me." He interupts,"I can't get past it being connected to me all 
the time." "yeah, you're right its on all the time." And I knew to leave it 
there because most important is to show him I trust and respect his 
judgement. Then I wait for him to ask for help.

Here's a suggestion: You thank him for trying your crazy idea. Tell him that 
he made you really happy. You don't know what you were thinking. His ideas 
are clearly the best. Tell him you trust him to do what is best for the both 
of you. That says I love you. Caring for him as you have done says I don't 
love you. Trust him to care for you. That's romance.

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